Terms and Conditions

01. We only accept Euros and the rates doesn’t include: tolls, parking charges, travel insurance and taxes (10% VAT).
02. The rates include: passenger insurance, fuel and car maintenance.
03. The clock and kilometers will start counting from the exit of the vehicle from the garage and will stop at the return to the garage.
04. In services reserved for several days, minimum of 8 Hrs/Day will be charged.
05. Advanced cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will incur a cost of 50% and with less than 24 hours 100% of the quoted fee.
06. Free Wifi in almost every vehicle.
07. Our drivers speak English, Spanish, Catalan, Hindi, Punjabi and more.
08. Transfer services departuring from the Airport will allow a maximum waiting time of 45 minutes upon the expected arriving time
printed in your voucher. Port pick-ups includes 30 minutes waiting & Hotel pick-ups includes 15 minutes waiting.
09. In the passengers compartment, smoking, food and drinks are not allowed.
10. We keep the right by judgement of our representative or drivers to refuse any passenger that seems to be under the effect of
alcohol, drugs, or having any aggressive behavior.
11. Drivers´s meals: 20€. It will be charged in services between 13:00 – 15:00 and 21:00 – 23:00.
12. We planify the services to arrive on time and avoid any incoviniences to our clients, although exceptional circumstances may
make difficult to arrive on time (road accidents with unexpected traffic jams, police controls, strikes and demonstrations,
problems caused by the delay of other passengers or adverse climate circumstances).
13. Your allocated driver will call 10-15 minutes prior to the pick up time to make sure that you and the other guests are ready.
14. Management reserves the right to charge the full booking fee for any cancellations made within 24 hours prior to your transportation or if you fail to show up at the designated pick up point. But if you cancel your booking within 48 hours before the travel date 50% cancellation penalty will be charged, and if you cancel before more than 48 hours then we will guarantee a full refund.